Course Description

For those suffering with anxiety, depression and chronic illness, become empowered and enlightened by learning how to become HAPPIER again by applying the HAPPIER solution. Practical exercises, tips and advice from an experienced therapist.

Small Business Mentor/Coach/Therapist

Liz Almond

Liz Almond is a Spiritual Teacher, Coach, Author, Therapist and Business Mentor, who has spent her life learning how to help others. Liz runs a multi award winning business.She has won the Bronze Award – Alternative Practitioner of the Year at the Kent Health and Beauty Awards 2015 as well as being a finalist for Coach of the Year 2016 and Specialist Coach of the Year 2015 with the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants and Finalist for Kent Women in Business – Women’s Champion Award 2015.She also won the Kent Independent Trader Award for Health and Beauty two years running 2012/13. Her book Are you worth it? A Spiritual Guide to Managing Your Money Mindset for Business Owners was published in January 2016. The version for the general public will be available in March 2017. She offers 1-1 and group training across the world, inspiring and empowering others. Liz works with business owners on a 1-1 basis to enable them to gain the success they wish for from their business.She acts as a coach, mentor, therapist, supervisor and accountability buddy, depending on what approach is appropriate.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • The HAPPIER solution

    • Are you transitioning?

    • The symptoms of depression and anxiety

    • Are you filling your life with being busy rather than being really happy?

    • Busyness Assessment - Are you too busy to enjoy life?

    • Are you an overthinker?

    • Are you having conversations in your head?

    • Are you heart, head or gut focused?

    • Are you an empath?

  • 2

    Step 1 - Happiness - How do you feel currently? Are you happy?

    • What is your purpose and vision?

    • The Positive and Negative Emotional Scale of Health, Wealth and Happiness

    • Spiritual Path - are you living in the present, past or future?

    • Are you living a magical, dull or dreadful life?

    • Different types of loss

    • The Love Game

    • Understand your moods

    • Learning lessons

    • Know your fears

    • Know your vunerabilities

    • Know your cravings

    • Understand your energy

  • 3

    Step 2 - Apply self care and self love. Are you looking after yourself?

    • Bust your limiting beliefs

    • Declutter, clean and fix things

    • Volunteer or help someone else

    • Break your patterns - Law of Attraction

    • Keep your promises - if you say you will do something do it!

    • Log your little successes and achievements

    • Gratitude - the magic of saying thank you!

    • How compassionate are you to yourself? Are you saying hurtful things to yourself?

    • Forgiveness

    • Exercise

    • Eating healthily

    • Drink lots of water

    • Apply self therapy

    • Be heart centred first

  • 4

    Step 3 - Prioritise yourself and your happiness now - What would you need to do now to be happier?

    • Wheel of Life

    • Release the negative emotions - better out than in

    • Law of Attraction

  • 5

    Step 4 - Plan a way out - what do you need to do to gain peace of mind and take back control?

    • Peace Solution

  • 6

    Step 5 - Involve others - who can help you with your recovery so that you have support?

    • Asking and Receiving Help from Family, Friends and Medical Professionals

    • Ask the Angels for help

    • Time to reach out to local charities

  • 7

    Step 6 - Entertain new ideas to getting better - be open minded

    • Raise your vibration

    • Grounding Techniques

    • Emotional Freedom Technique - Get Tapping

    • Neuro Linguistic Programming

    • Reiki and Angelic Reiki

    • Meditation

    • Bach Flower Remedies

    • Self Hypnosis

    • Journaling

    • Visioning

    • Positive Affirmations

    • Rituals

    • Massage

    • Mirror work

  • 8

    Step 7 - Reap the Rewards by loving yourself and allowing the laughter to return. What is your purpose and what would allow you to feel more fulfilled and happier?

    • What is your passion and purpose?

    • Are you too serious? How can you play more?

    • Goal Setting

  • 9

    Recommended Books

    • Recommended books

  • 10

    I need help now....

    • I need help now... What can I do?

  • 11

    How do I fund therapy?

    • Money Mindset Journal

    • Money Mindset Hypnosis

  • 12

    Is your business causing you stress and anxiety or is a change of direction making you think you might like to have a business?

    • I have a business and I'm struggling

    • I'm thinking of having a business

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